“A public interest guide to toxic flame retardant chemicals”

Quoted from IPEN - http://www.ipen.org/sites/default/files/documents/ipen_flame_retardants_v2_6.pdf

“A public interest guide to toxic flame retardant chemicals”

A very useful and informative document by IPEN made to educate the public about the risks of toxic fire retardants.

Not a necessary evil

Toxic chemicals marketed as flame retardants are widely present in our homes, our bodies, and even in our wastes. Due to increasing public health concerns, actions to regulate and eliminate them have occurred globally, nationally, and locally. However, the chemical industry continues to formulate new substances with similar toxic properties that are then incorporated into many products. These substances are now found throughout the global environment, wildlife, and people, and even in areas far from where these substances are used or produced, like the Arctic.

This public interest guide is a concise introduction to the science and politics of toxic flame retardants and includes a section on possible actions that can help reduce the harms of toxic chemicals to human health and the environment. It aims to raise public awareness about this harmful class of substances and stimulate action to reform how chemicals are produced, used, and substituted so that harms from toxic chemical exposure can ultimately be eliminated. While reading from start to finish provides a view of all the issues, readers are also encouraged to jump.Tabacco

Document written by – Joseph DiGangi, PhD Senior Science & Technical Advisor IPEN April 2013

No significant protection

See the full document here – http://www.ipen.org/sites/default/files/documents/ipen_flame_retardants_v2_6.pdf

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