Calling UK fire retardant-free manufacturers and retailers

Calling UK fire retardant-free manufacturers and retailers

Cottonsafe® Natural Mattress is the only manufacturer and retailer in the UK who has contacted us so far. They appear to have taken a stance on ensuring all their products are free from fire retardant (FR) chemicals inside and out.  They sent us the following statement and a copy of their UKAS certification:

“There is a huge amount of research into the negative effects of fire retardant chemicals on human health and the environment. We have spent many years developing natural materials that meet the fire regulations without using these chemicals.


With the development of Cottonsafe®, we can now handcraft our mattresses without any fire retardants, foams or adhesives, in the fillings or on the covers. 


This unique fabric keeps you safe by passing naturally the strict UK fire regulations for mattresses and even sofas.  In fact the fabric will also pass the higher hotels standard.”  


If you are a manufacturer or retailer supplying chemical FR free furniture please let us know – our readers are looking for your products!

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