Do fire retardants really reduce fire linked deaths?

Are fire retardants reducing deaths caused by house fires?

We are told that the drop in fire linked deaths in the UK is a direct result of using fire retardants in our beds and sofas which were introduced in 1988.

According to the UK government fire statistics, the proportion of households with a working smoke alarm increased rapidly from 8% in 1988 to 70% in 1994, and has continued to rise in recent years to 86% in 2008.

Could this fact be something to do with the drop in the number of fires?  This combined with proper circuit breakers and better electrical appliances probably helped!

Also, they state that more than half (51%) of accidental fires in homes arose from cooking. Other common sources of ignition were electrical appliances (12%), electrical distribution (10%), smokers’ materials (7%), and space heating appliances (4%).

The main culprit for possible igniting our beds and sofas represents less than 7% of the accidents!

Does it make sense to fill our sofa and beds with toxic chemicals to make our homes safe for careless cigarette smokers.

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