Norway takes action against FRs

Norway plans to eliminate brominated flame retardants by 2020. PentaBDE, OctaBDE, DecaBDE, and PBB are currently banned in Norway. The industry has voluntarily withdrawn HBCD-containing insulation from the market in Norway and Sweden since alternative construction techniques with the chemicals provided a safer alternative. Waste that contains 0.25% or more PentaBDE, OctaBDE, DecaBDE, HBCD or TBBPA is defined as hazardous waste. New flame retardants are currently under investigation. Norway has established a priority list for phase-out of all emissions and uses for the purpose of eliminating them by 2020. The list includes flame retardant chemicals such as PentaBDE, OctaBDE, DecaBDE, HBCD, and TBBPA. Other substances on the list include bisphenol A, DEHP, SCCPs, PFOA, PFOS, perchloroethylene, trichloroethylene, and triclosan.

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