“Is your sofa treated with toxic chemicals?”

Quoted from Safe Furniture - http://safefurniture.eu/Flameretardantcase.html

“Is your sofa treated with toxic chemicals?”

Have a look at the new website for “The Case For Flame Retardant Free Furniture”. It is a very informative site with links to research showing the effects of flame retardants and the damage they cause.

“The Alliance for Flame Retardant Free Furniture in Europe gathers stakeholders ranging from environmental and health NGOs to industry, cancer organisations, fire fighters and labour unions. The Alliance shares and stresses the same concerns about the implications from the presence of harmful flame retardants chemicals in furniture products, and believes that more effective and less harmful ways to achieve fire safety exist and need to be evaluated.

The Alliance is strongly committed to end the use of flame retardants in furniture products and supports safer, alternative ways of minimising the risks for fire because long term exposure to hazardous chemicals poses a great threat to human health.

Increasing evidence shows that EU action in favour of FR free furniture is necessary to ensure protection of human health and the environment, without reducing fire safety.”

See the full website here – http://safefurniture.eu/Flameretardantcase.html