“The Stockholm Convention”

Quoted from the Green Science Policy Institute - http://greensciencepolicy.org/topics/flame-retardants/

“The Stockholm Convention”

PBDEs found in fire retardants are persistent, bio-accumulative and harmful to life.

“The Stockholm Convention is a global treaty of over 150 countries which aims to eliminate or reduce the release of POPs. The Convention has listed 22 chemicals to be banned globally, all of which are organohalogens, and several of which are organohalogen flame retardants or their by-products.

PBDEs, used primarily as flame retardants in furniture, are structurally similar to the known human toxicants PBBs, PCBs, dioxins, and furans. In addition to having similar mechanisms of toxicity in animal studies, they also bio-accumulate in both humans and animals and persist in the environment. The Stockholm Convention has banned all 5 of these chemicals.”

See the full article here – Green Science Policy Institute

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