“TIPS: Reduce Your Exposure to Flame Retardant Chemicals”

Fact sheet from CEH

“TIPS: Reduce Your Exposure to Flame Retardant Chemicals”

See below tips from the Center for Environmental Heath’s facts sheet regarding fire retardants. We need to put some of these ideas into place in the UK as well.

In Your Home
• Wash your hands and your children’s hands often, especially before eating or after handling dryer lint.
• Vacuum or wet mop often. Use a HEPA vacuum cleaner if available.
• Try to use a minimum of carpet padding and draperies in your home as these can be treated with flame retardants.
• Open windows often for good ventilation.
• Choose low-fat foods when possible, since some flame retardants concentrate in fat.
• Wipe and vacuum the interior of your car regularly as seats and dashboards do contain flame retardant chemicals.

While You Shop
• Purchase products made without polyurethane foam. Opt for products made of wood, polyester, wool, cotton or down.
• Avoid products that have a TB117 label as these are likely to contain flame retardant chemicals.
• After 1/1/14, opt for products with a TB 117-2013 label: Read the label carefully to see if it says whether flame retardants are present. If the label does not indicate this, ask the retailer or manufacturer if the product contains flame retardant chemicals.

Stay Informed
• Check CEH’s website regularly: We will keep an updated list of which products are free of flame retardant chemicals and which manufacturers have removed them: http://www.ceh.org/flame-retardants/

Take Action
• Tell furniture makers you want flame retardant free products that are clearly identifiable. Take action here and then tell your families and friends: www.ceh.org/action

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