In life we are meant to trust the people who take decisions on our behalf.

If they change our laws we have to obey those changes, especially when they tell us that it is for our own safety. What happens to that trust when we find their decision was taken not for our safety but to boost the profits of the chemical industry?

Most chemicals in our lives we can choose to avoid, most manufactures can choose not to use them but these laws are mandatory …. you have no choice.

What are we talking about? FIRE RETARDANTS. The chemical industry produces 1.5 million tons a year.

Almost every house in the UK has fire retardants, not in parts per thousand, but in kilos! All in our beds, sofas, floors and building structures. Most of the time these chemicals are ‘Add-On’s – so sprayed onto the material. After time they leach out of our furniture and become airborne, to be breathed in by our loved ones and when they settle they collect on our skin and hands they can end up in children’s mouths. If you think about it, we spend most of our sleeping and waking hours breathing them in.

Very little research has been done on the effect of these chemicals on adults, children and newborns. What has been tested is leading to great alarm.

Perhaps all these side effects and dangers might be worthwhile if fire retardant worked in reducing fires in our homes but evidence does not agree with this and even fire fighters are now thinking again especially when their own cancer rates are increasing significantly.

The USA and the UK were the two biggest markets for these chemicals. The USA is now trying to ban them – the UK is unaware of the problem.

To find out more please read our blog and make up your own mind. We tell you what’s going on because they won’t.

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